XRF988 Gateway X-Reflector BY EA7IYR

Hosted By Ham-Digital Spain Group

Linked Gateways/Reflectors
Module A Module B Module C Module D Module E
REF001 C REF018 D
XRF214 A REF075 B
XRF945 D

Connected Clients
Callsign on module Type
EA7IYR listening Hotspot

Last Heard
Callsign Last TX on Source From Date-Time EST
W8RCF W8RCF XRF988 A REF001 180526-13:34:56
N9NJM N9NJM XRF988 A REF001 180526-13:34:37
W2UIS W2UIS XRF988 A REF001 180526-13:34:24
LB0NH LB0NH XRF988 A REF001 180526-13:34:14
EA3IE EA3IE XRF988 D REF018 180526-13:32:38
EA2HJ EA2HJ XRF988 D REF075 180526-13:31:30
A92AA A92AA XRF988 A REF001 180526-13:30:32
EB6ACD EB6ACD XRF988 D REF075 180526-13:30:12
EA7JBK EA7JBK XRF988 D REF018 180526-13:28:36
N5LYJ N5LYJ XRF988 A REF001 180526-13:26:55
KF5ZBL KF5ZBL XRF988 A REF001 180526-13:25:08
G0IMD G0IMD XRF988 A REF001 180526-13:21:06
AA6DB AA6DB XRF988 A REF001 180526-13:18:59
G3YQO G3YQO XRF988 A REF001 180526-13:18:42
EA1CI EA1CI XRF988 D REF018 180526-13:17:39
M0BWU M0BWU XRF988 A REF001 180526-13:15:28
EA3ABN EA3ABN XRF988 D REF075 180526-13:14:25
IT9ZHS IT9ZHS XRF988 A REF001 180526-13:13:24
EA7CCQ EA7CCQ XRF988 D REF018 180526-13:12:39
VE4CP VE4CP XRF988 A REF001 180526-13:10:01
AA0NO AA0NO XRF988 A REF001 180526-13:08:20
EA2EPL EA2EPL XRF988 D REF018 180526-13:08:17
EA5TT EA5TT XRF988 D REF075 180526-13:07:58
LU1FKR LU1FKR XRF988 D REF075 180526-13:06:55
DL2ZBV DL2ZBV XRF988 A REF001 180526-13:06:32
G7VDI G7VDI XRF988 A REF001 180526-13:05:50
EA1CIU EA1CIU XRF988 D REF018 180526-13:03:27
KI7PWP KI7PWP XRF988 A REF001 180526-12:57:42
EA2COE EA2COE XRF988 D REF075 180526-12:56:28
DL1BJW DL1BJW XRF988 A REF001 180526-12:53:56
KB1YAP KB1YAP XRF988 A REF001 180526-12:53:35
EA5ANM EA5ANM XRF988 D REF018 180526-12:50:50
KC3BAX KC3BAX XRF988 A REF001 180526-12:46:21
KE4HAI KE4HAI XRF988 A REF001 180526-12:45:46
WA4CSS WA4CSS XRF988 A REF001 180526-12:45:44
W5MIQ W5MIQ XRF988 A REF001 180526-12:42:34
ED1ZAM ED1ZAM XRF988 D REF018 180526-12:41:27
KB1PJ KB1PJ XRF988 A REF001 180526-12:39:06
HB9AXG HB9AXG XRF988 A REF001 180526-12:35:54

Status as of Sat May 26 13:35:04 2018 EST
Dashboard Version 1.15B
Server Uptime: 73 days, 5 hours and 48 minutes